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About Us

HNB BEAUTY INSTRUMENTS is proudly Australian owned business. Started a mission of serving the beauty industry of Australia. The company is at the mission to provide the professionals with best quality beauty instruments. HNB BEAUTY INSTRUMENTS AUSTRALIA have a wide range of variety products for Professionals  which includes Hairdressing scissors, Barber scissors, Manicure and Pedicure instruments, Nail cutters, cuticles & scissors, eyelash extension tweezers and eyebrow tweezers, Nail filers, Cuticle nippers, razors and many mores.

At HNB BEAUTY INSTRUMENTS every instrument is handmade and innovatively designed for barbers, hairdressers and beauty salon specialists. We put every effort to make the products comfortable according to the needs of our customers to make their experiences the best, our believe:


One of the great things about HNB BEAUTY INSTRUMENTS is that it provides products not only to professionals but it also have wide range products for apprentices and trainees in very reasonable prices. We made scissors and other instruments from premium quality steel. (JAPENESE, GERMAN AND HIGH CARBON). Our consumers don’t have to pay much and can easily start with low budgets as we have products with very reasonable prices starting from just $30 for a hairdressing scissor. We want to see you happy and satisfied that is our mission.

If you are unable to find anything on online-store you need, you can request our catalogue on following contact details:

Phone: +61451701426

Email: Sales@hnbbeautyinstruments.com.au.